Age-Structural Transitions: Demographic Bonuses, but Emerging Challenges for Population and Sustainable Development.

Paris , February 23rd-26th, 2004


Papers and documents
Session 1: Age structural transition: an overview of global changes

Ian Pool
(New Zealand)

1. "Demographic dividends", "windows of opportunity" and development: age-structure, population waves and cohort

Bo Malmberg

2. Demographically based global income forecasts up to the year 2050


Age structural transition : Case studies, a demographic giant

Sri Moertiningish Adioetomo
( I ndonesia )

3. Age structural transitions and its implication. The case of Indonesia over a century, 1950-2050

Session 2: Age structural transition: human capital

Anne Goujon

4. Is progress in education sustainable?


Age structural transitions : case studies of turbulence  

Amir H. Mehryar & Shirin Ahmad-Nia
( Iran)

5. Age structural transition in Iran: short and long-term consequences of drastic fertility swings during the final decades of twentieth century

( China )

6. Age Structural Transitions and Major Policy Implications in China

Cornelia Muresan (Romania)

7. Bonus ou malus démographique en Roumanie

Session 3: Age structural transitions: Sustainable development
Laura Lidia Rodriguez Wong

8. Age structural transition in Brazil – Demographic bonuses and emerging challenges

Socorro Gultiano
(Philippines )

9. Age-structure and urban migration of youth in the Philippines

Philippe Collomb(France)

10. Food security and age-structural transition : some observations (No paper)

Gervais Beninguisse (Cameroon)

11. Changement de structure par âge et développement au Cameroun

Virgilio Partida Bush

12. As the transition demographic form the demographic bonus and the aging population in Mexico

Session 4: Age structural transitions: Co-varying factors

Ali Ben Brahim

13. Transition des structures par âge et vieillissement en Tunisie

Kesaia Seniloli

14. To take advantage of the demographic bonus or not – that is the question: The case of Fiji

P.S. Nair

15. Age structural transition in Botswana in the context of HIV/AIDS

Dang Nguyen Anh (Vietnam)

17. Age-structural transitions: analysis using the stationary population equivalent model

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