For your centre to be affiliated to CICRED, please fill in the questionnaire here after. If you are already affiliated, use this form to send us updated information, if any :
Name of research unit:
Name of its director:
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Status A: Status B: National
Private Local
Year of establishment:
Do you carry out population studies or research at a national level ?: Yes
Name of parent organisation:
Full postal address:
Telephone number:
Fax number:
E-mail address:
(if applicable) Electronic address of your server (ftp,web,...):
Number of persons principally employed in population studies or research full-time (or equivalent in part-time staff):
Name of the main full-time researchers:
Principal objectives of the unit:
Teaching or training activity:
Titles of current research projects (mobilising at least one full-time researcher all year round):
Titles of the periodical publications:
Recent publications:
Is there a library in your centre ?: Yes
Your name:
Your position:

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