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The ACERD is a Directory of population Study or Research Centres throughout the world, listed by continent in alphabetical order by country name and by the institutions name.

What is a centre ?

If your centre correspond to the definitions above, and you wish it to be affiliated to CICRED, please fill in the attached form.

How is the ACERD compiled?

The ACERD is updated on a continual basis. In order to achieve the best rate of coverage possible, CICRED is hopeful that each officer in charge of a centre will forward to the CICRED offices the names and addresses of establishments which would appear to be missing . Any suggestions regarding modifications to the data contained in the present version will be taken into consideration by the officer in charge of the ACERD.

The present version covers 628 institutions amongst which 502 centres reply to the criteria indicated above. Another 126 organisations specified under the heading of "other useful addresses" have been mentioned because of their interest for purposes of cooperation amongst centres. The latter can be international agencies within the population field and they are listed at the end of the section containing the centres in each country.

There are 222 further " correspondents " who are not included in the present version, either because they do not correspond to the definition of a centre as described above, or because CICRED has not been able to obtain sufficient information in order to consider them for inclusion in the Directory. CICRED would request the officers in charge of any such centre to kindly complete the attached form in order that their centre be included in the next updating of the Directory.

This list has been published with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (FNUAP) and French Ministry for Cooperation.

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